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Marine circulars

Circular No. 1-91-2023
4th of April, 2023
Submission of Cargo Declaration Form
Circular No. 1-34-2021
29th of October, 2021
Sailing direction for the Changhua Wind Farm Channel
Circular No. 1-33-2021
3rd of September, 2021
China announces reporting requirements for vessels entering the territorial sea of the p.r.c.
Circular No. 1-32-2021
9th of March, 2021
Operational Office Relocation
Circular No. 1-31-2021
9th of March, 2021
Validation of Registry Certificates
Circular No. 1-04-2021
7th of January, 2021
Sanction to all those vessels of Mongolia Ship Registry that deliberately deactivate the Long Range Identification and Tracking Equipment (LRIT) and/or the Automatic Identification System (AIS)
Circular No. 1-283-2020
23rd of December, 2020
Revised application form M1 and M2
Circular No. 1-219-2020
28th of October, 2020
Detention guidance
Circular No. 1-215-2020
21st of October, 2020
Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers
Circular No. 1-214-2020
21st of October, 2020
Requirements for Minimum Hours of Rest
Circular No. 1-213-2020
21st of October, 2020
Principles of Watchkeeping
Circular No. 1-200-2020
5th of October, 2020
New compulsory requirement on oil filtering equipment and control of operational discharge of oil in compliance with the revised Annex I of MARPOL 73/78
Circular No. 1-198-2020
29th of September, 2020
Amendments of 2014 to MLC 2006, new compulsory financial requirements pertaining to the repatriation of abandoned seafarers and work injury compensation
Circular No. 1-101-2020
25th of May, 2020
Amendments to MARPOL 73/78, Annex VI, Mongolia Ship Registry Policy on IMO-DCS scheme
Circular No. 1-66-2020
6th of April, 2020
Procedures for lay up
Circular No. 1-40
17th of February, 2020
Coronavirus Notice As Crews Denied Off
Circular No. 1-34
7th of February, 2020
Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
Circular No. 1-28
4th of February, 2020
Conformance testing and Certification for LRIT
Circular No. 1-89
26th of April, 2019
Validity of color copies of original documents
Circular No. 1-33 / 2019
11th of February, 2019
Registration and de-registraion procedure