Division of Maritime transportation and Port utilization

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        Progressive measures taken in an effort to develop maritime transport sector in Mongolia, to establish sea access regardless of land-locked location, and to open opportunities to transport Mongolian goods via sea have been proven effective. Under the objective to develop national maritime transport sector, we are working to initiate transport operations in cooperation with leading maritime countries. For instance, with an aim to export Mongolian mining products to a third country, Mongolia-Republic of Korea joint venture company “Mongol-Sammok Logistics Co.,ltd” /MSL/ was established in 2015.

        The brief timeline of the history of MSL establishment is as follows:

        2011-MOU between Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Republic of Korea

        2012- MOU in relation to Joint Venture Company between Mongolia Maritime Administration and Sammok Shipping Co.,Ltd

        2015- MOU between Ministry of Road and Transport of Mongolia and Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of Republic of Korea,

        -Government Resolution No 180: Establishing joint venture company of maritime transportation

        -Mongolia-Korea joint venture company “Mongol-Sammok Logistics” Co.,Ltd was established in Seoul, Republic of Korea


        The objectives of “Mongol-Sammok Logistics” Co.,Ltd are as follows:

        -Supporting the development of maritime sector in Mongolia

        -Increasing the possibility to the sea access of Mongolia

        -Taking part in international maritime trade and transport

        -Exporting mining products of Mongolia to the third markets as well as ensuring the operations to sell them in world market with competitive rate;

        -Preparing national professionals in maritime field of Mongolia;

        -Exploiting marine resources and enabling opportunities to transport various products as well as daily commodities through sea etc.,


        MSL is aiming to initiate its operation by chartering the ships owned by Korean side investor. The main challenge for start MSL operation is the recent crisis in world economy and the continuous price down of mining products on world market.


         Mongolia has been regularly making discussions with regards of reaching to the ports of regional coastal states as well as using them under favorable terms. Therefore, Mongolia has acceded to relevant multilateral and intergovernmental agreements.

         According to the mutual Agreement between the Government Mongolia and the Government of the People’s Republic of on the access to and from the sea and transit transport by Mongolia through China’s territory in 2014, the sea-access transit via open ports to the foreign trade in the Northern and North Eastern provinces of China became open for Mongolia

         Therefore, an agreement between the Mongolia Maritime Administration, affiliated organization of Road and Transportation Ministry of Mongolia and the Jinzhou Seaport Administration in Liaoning province of the People’s Republic of China was concluded in 2016 and Mongolia opened a representative office at this port in an effort to make Jinzhou one of the sea access actively used by Mongolia. 

         The route to the sea transit via Far East ports of Russian Federation through the Trans-Siberian railway is open for Mongolia according to the agreement to have sea-access and transportation transit through the territory of Mongolia and Russia in 1992. 

         Moreover, Memorandum of Understanding between the Mongolia Maritime Administration and the Port Authority of Genoa, Italy on cooperation in the field of maritime transportation, port operations and logistics were renewed in 2017.