The landlocked developing Mongolia is working on creating conditions for carrying out foreign trade without barriers aiming at earning economic benefits from international trade networks same as coastal states, having sea access, resolving the issues of transit transportation of goods through neighboring countries, and undertaking maritime transportation.

         Mongolia became a member state of International Maritime Organization in 1996 and acceded to 29 international agreements, conventions and protocols in maritime field.

        The Mongolia Maritime Administration /MMA/ under Ministry of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia /MRTD/ defines and implements the policy of maritime field of Mongolia.

        MMA is the governmental organization that has an obligation to implement the policy, programs and projects related to maritime affairs in line with the relevant laws, international treaties, conventions, rules, procedures, standards and guidelines.

The main operational areas of MMA are as follows:

  1. Implementation of international treaties and domestic maritime laws and regulations
  2. Ship registration and monitoring /”Mongolia Ship Registry Pte.,Ltd”/
  3. Maritime transportation /”Mongol-Sammok Logistics Co.Ltd”/
  4. Port utilization
  5. Inland waterway transportation and monitoring
  6. Training national professionals in maritime field