Mongolia Maritime Administration (MMA) is a public organization, we pay attention to training students in the field of transport and assist educational Institutions to prepare more educated, enlightened, and qualified specialists. For this purpose, a MOU has been established with the Institute of the Mechanic Engineering of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology. The Administration cooperates by drafting the curriculum and conducting lectures.  

On 26th of May 2023, MMA officers:- Baigalmaa Damba, Science Master in the field of maritime, and Dashbalbar Oyungerel Science Master in the field of Marine Environment Protection gave lectures on the topics of “Maritime transportation development of Mongolia”, “Utilization of rights, provided by the International conventions, where Mongolia is a party to” and “Importance of the marine environmental protection”, to 3rd-grade students, according to the formal invitation from the University.   

During the lectures, important messages and information were given about the economic and environmental influence in relation to maritime transportation and marine environment degradation. Furthermore, lecturers have motivated the students to explore and use the possibilities and opportunities, which are available to them, to become the people of the Universe and to be able to assist in and develop their own country.   

26. 05. 2023

Шинэ мэдээ

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