Request for proposals



Selection of the Agent to conduct ship registration activities on behalf of

Mongolian Ship Registry


RFP  issue date:

February 14th,  2022

Deadline for receiving the proposals

February 24th,  2022


Mongolia Maritime Administration (“the Administration”) is a government organization established under the Ministry of Roads and Transport Development of Mongolia to conduct ship registration activities.

In order to expand its ship registration activities, the Administration is announcing this RFP to select a prospective agent who will support the operation of Mongolia Ship Registry.

In accordance with the awarded contract, the selected Agent shall be responsible to mediate and carry out intermediary activities between the Administration and ship owners/managers/operators, who is seeking to register their ships under the Mongolia flag, and to implement other supporting activities such as providing information to the Administration and promoting the ship registry of Mongolia. 

A legal entity willing to participate on the selection process shall meet the Registration agent evaluation criteria as set out in the Table 1.

Table 1


Registration agent evaluation criteria


Requirements on the capacity of legal entity

  • Shall be officially registered;
  • Shall have a permanent or rented office;
  • Shall have a continuous business operation for the last three years;
  • Shall have permanent professional staff (including executive official) with 3-4 years of experience.


Requirements on the operation capacity of legal entity

  • Shall have more than one-year experience in ship registry and ship survey;
  • Shall have an experience in ship sale & purchasing brokering, chartering, and shipping agency;
  • Shall have an experience in maritime transport/shipping;
  • Shall have an experience of ship registry agent or acted as Recognized Organization of other Flag States (It will be an advantage, if an entity has overseas representatives and ship owner’s network,).


Requirements on the financial status of legal entity


In order to prove that a legal entity have a regular business operation and stable to handle our ship registration, an entity shall meet following requirements:

  • shall have sound financial background, with no history of bad debts, report of losses during last 3 years;
  • shall have no unpaid outstanding taxes


Other requirements

  • A legal entity’s name shall not be listed on the sanction list imposed by a country or international organizations, and should not have a history of registering ships that was included on such sanction list;
  • Shall have no breach or default of contract related to ship registry operations and other similar operations for the last 3 years.


A legal entity, fulfilled above requirements, need to submit copies of the following official documents:   

    1. Official request/statement of interest to participate in RFP;
    2. Copy of State registration certificate of legal entity;
    3. Copy of Certificate for state registration of immovable property ownership or tenancy agreement if the office is rented;
    4. Reference from local Taxation Office and financial statements for the last three years;
    5. Company profile (including organizational chart);
    6. Diplomas, professional certificates and job descriptions of the executive officials and other key personnel pertinent to this assignment;
    7. The list of executed tasks, copies of certificates, special licenses and other official documents relevant to operation of ship registration or ship inspection and survey;
    8. Copies of previously concluded contract(s) indicating the assignment of ship sale and purchase/broker/chartering/shipping agency;
    9. Copies of previously concluded contract(s) indicating the assignment of ship registration, ship inspection/survey and other shipping experiences, references from other legal entity (s) in case if cooperated;
    10. Reference from the competent authority if a legal entity acted as an agent of ship registration on behalf of a particular State;
    11. Copies of an agreement indicating the assignment of a Recognized Organization;
    12. Beneficiary bank statement;
    13. A document indicating the evaluation performance of contract relevant to the ship registry operations and other similar operations for the last 3 years.


Your Statement of Proposal (with the required documents stated above) in a sealed envelope should be forwarded to the following address, where to be received no later than 17:30 pm (Ulaanbaatar time) by February 24th, 2022:


Note: Incomplete applications shall be considered as not received.


Mongolia Maritime Administration

Address: Room # 606, 6th floor

Мongolia Maritime Administration

Chingeltei district, 4th khoroo

J. Sambuugiin street -11

Government building XI.

Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia

Phone: (+976) 51 310642

Fax: (+976) 11 310642

E-mail address:


For any enquiries regarding the RFP, please contact the following personnel:


G.Zolboo, Senior officer
O.Anujin, Officer in Ship Registration and Monitoring Department

Phone: (+976) 51 310642

E-mail address:


Business hours


Lunch time

08:30- 17:30


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